Celine Box Teen Calfskin Medium Classic


Celine Box Teen Calfskin Medium Classic Introduce

Celine Box Teen’s bag type is also not picky or compact, most of the height can be held, and it is the benefit of small stars! Whether it is a casual T or a formal suit, even a shirt, windbreaker, coat and down jacket can be perfectly controlled Can be worn all year round!

Celine Box is a classic bag, please don’t go out with a fake version that looks fake. The top layer of our Celine Box is made of imported calfskin, bronze hardware, and the blessing of mature top-level craftsmanship and anti-counterfeiting threads. Perfect reproduction.

CELINE Box Medium Classic Bag In Calfskin introduce Packaging configuration

Our packaging configuration is strictly in accordance with the packaging requirements of genuine products, and we have all the official products.

The package includes: gift bag, gift box, dustproof loan, colorful paper, official website outer box, instruction manual, tag, card.

The imported BOX leather is made of high-quality leather, the logo font on the hardware is clearly engraved, and the letter “C” is a perfect circle. ZP hardware is gold plated and has a matte finish.


CELINE Brand story

Celine is a French luxury brand. CELINE’s clothing is gorgeous and practical, and the texture of the single product itself conforms to the seemingly contradictory style of “casual gorgeousness, while its leather goods and accessories, from leather bags, leather shoes to ties and scarves, all highlight pragmatism on the basis of luxury.

On Celine handbags A variety of patterns, such as two-wheeled carriage, OMEGA, flowers and half-moon marks, are deeply representative of Celine’s classics. The main product lines include clothing, leather bags, women’s shoes, leather gloves and so on.


Weight 18.5 kg


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