high quality CASIO small retro silver cube watch AE-1200WHD-1A


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Casio Standard men’s electronic watch, model AE-1200WHD-1A, adopts low-key and luxurious square dial design, simple sports waterproof, rigorous walking, stable quality;Plexiglas mirror, with better transparency, stability.Black dial, stainless steel strap, smooth touch, fit breathable, prevent allergy, highlight fashion taste and grace.With the world map timely zone selection, 5 alarm clock Settings, LED backlight and other functions.10 years long battery, the case diameter of 45mm, 100 meters of life waterproof.

This men’s watch from Casio has a black holloout square dial and an independent digital time window for you to check the time at a glance.Black resin watchband with perforated buckle, cool and stylish, comfortable and easy to wear off.Artificial sapphire crystal mirror design, scratch-proof and wear-resistant.With waterproof function, meet your daily wear needs.

Casio AE-1200WHD-1A is a simple sports waterproof small square silver watch released before 2012. It has two models: black resin watchband and silver stainless steel watchband.This table is a Casio 3299 movement, in 40 grams of weight, and have the time, 100 meters of waterproof bath (wearing it can wash the dishes swimming diving), 10 years battery life, five alarm clock, timer and countdown (can be used to running and tablet support timing), you can also set the alarm per hour (without can not set),Summer time setting, 1-3 second lighting, etc., add up to only 165 ocean, is excellent quality and reasonable price.I did not feel the weight of the watch when I put it on my hand.Octagonal body and surface, good-looking than the round, a variety of information display, arranged, clear at a glance, looking comfortable.

high quality CASIO small retro silver cube watch AE-1200WHD-1A


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