Which fashionable bags are more popular with consumers?

  If you like trendy bags, you’ll be very interested in what’s coming up.Yes, I’m here to talk about my favorite subject, handbags.Specifically, I spoke with Lara Osborn, senior purchasing director at luxury resale brand Fashionphile, to find out what she thinks are the top looks of the season.Given that she works more or less as a bag expert, she seems to be the perfect person to ask about fashion trends.

fashionable bags

  The bag trends in question are not only the IT bags that Osborn defined, but they’re also the most popular, as shoppers at FashionPhile gravitate toward these specific, investor-worthy styles.These are the frontrunners and people’s favorite styles right now.I’m talking about projects like statements, colorful discoveries, and stylish logo choices.

  With all that in mind, keep scrolling to check out some of summer 2021’s best handbag trends and insider tips from Osborn.If you’re looking for designer investment work, there’s also visual inspiration, as well as a selection of second-hand shopping from FashionPhile.There are other chic options throughout.

  Literally, the logo speaks for itself, appearing in repeated monogram prints, hardware initials or house motifs, and of course, bold typography.If we could take a history lesson from the King of All Monogram, Louis Vuitton, we know that certain shapes or forms of logos are a timeless trend, which makes buying a bag with a logo a wise investment choice.If you’re one of those people who regularly tidies up your closet to make room for new items, you’ve probably noticed that bags with some kind of identifiable logo are a sure-fire way to sell.

fashionable bags
fashionable bags

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