Oches und Junior Calendario Cent ‘anni is simple and eye-catching!

Oches und Junior Calendario Cent 'anni

  It’s the fascinating creation of Calendario Cent’Anni by independent Swiss brand Ochs und Junior, and it’s more intuitive than you might think.

  The Swiss brand Ochs und Junior is known for its unusual minimalist aesthetic and alternative time display concepts — so what exactly are we looking at?The hours and minutes are easily discernible and, as with any traditional watch, they contrast sharply with the dial and time mark.This series of 31 Windows indicates the date as it is filled with color through the rotating disc below the dial.(They are easiest to read on a version of the watch divided by Arabic numerals every five days.

  Right below the month dial at 6 o ‘clock is a small second dial.Then, in the center of the dial, you’ll see a disk with a dot on it that represents the twelve markers, or months.Finally, inside that rotating disk is a small disk with four positions that rotates each year to indicate a leap year, which occurs when it is aligned with the dot.The calendar (theoretically) only needs to be adjusted after 100 years, hence the “Cent ‘anni” part in its name.

Oches und Junior Calendario Cent 'anni

  Clever contracted is not only the visual display of the watch, but also the clock under the dial.Ochs und Junior used Athens Watch’s automatic movement, which only indicated the time and date, but with some major modifications: the brand took this movement and was able to give it more complex functions and instructions, with only nine add-ons that you see here.This is fun and effective, of course, but it’s also practical horology, because fewer moving parts means less chance of something going wrong and easier to fix if something goes wrong.

  All of this fits into the 40mm titanium case with short ears, making the ergonomic wearing experience as well thought out as the face.Ochs und Junior usually offers custom options for its clients, but Calendario Cent’Anni comes in a set design that includes black dials with or without date markers and white dials.

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