How about an Alexander McQueen braided cross-body bag?

Everyone is familiar with the brand Alexander McQueen. As an iconic brand in the trend, Alexander wang is very popular in recent years, and hot products are also coming out one after another. Alexander wang square full diamond bag has become a mess.

Alexander McQueen is coming again with a new bag. Compared with the diamond bag, I recommend everyone to start with this braided slanted shoulder bag. It comes in black and white, both of which are simple and suitable for all occasions.

Personally, I prefer the hand-held style, which continues the design style of the king, so it has a very cool and sassy tone, and it is also a style that stars are used to.Alexander wang brand ambassador Quan Zhixian used a milk tea color knitted skirt to give a good demonstration of OL dressing for urban white-collar workers. It is elegant and delicate.

The biggest advantage of black handbags is that they can be seamlessly connected with any style. In Quan Zhixian, it is still the representative of exquisiteness. In He Sui, there is a little more playfulness.

White and black form a strong visual contrast, echoing with golden accessories, adding a touch of wealth and elegance to the cool black.Combined with the length of the currently very popular underarm bag, it is very beautiful in terms of fashion completion and visual height.

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