Why is the Louis Vuitton Twist handbag so popular?

The Louis Vuitton Twist handbag has important strategic significance for Nicolas Ghesquière. The Twist handbag and the “small box” Petite Malle can be said to be the two most important contributions to women’s leather goods since he took office.

If the latter is still attached to Louis Vuitton’s traditional Monogram presbyopia elements, then the Twist handbag is even more bold, which allows the brand’s identity projected on the product to change from presbyopia to the “LV Tournant” metal lock.

Louis Vuitton Twist handbag

After its debut in 2014, Louis Vuitton continued to expand the Twist handbag, and it has appeared in almost every season of the show since then. In addition, the brand has extended the lock element to shoes, belts and keychains and other products, becoming the brand’s latest identity.

But after the initial wave of stars and fashion editors, the Louis Vuitton Twist bag fell silent for a while. Consumers’ enthusiasm for Louis Vuitton handbags is still concentrated on the new models dominated by presbyopia. For example, in the 2019 early spring vacation series, Nicolas Ghesquière revived the Dauphine handbags through the revival of handbags in the 1970s, which is essentially the continued realization of presbyopia.

Louis Vuitton Twist handbag

Although Louis Vuitton can continue to grab cash through old flowers, the brand’s obsession with Twist handbags is not dead.

In 2019, Louis Vuitton restarted the promotion of Twist handbags, launched the “Twist, turn LV” social media promotion event in China, and invited three members of Rocket Girls 101 who are very popular to perform this handbag. At the same time, the brand also invited many KOLs to share The thinking and experience of reversing his own life provides the Twist series with a large-scale exposure from points to lines.

In addition to inviting the new-generation supermodel Kaia Gerber to perform in the Twist handbag advertising blockbuster in 2020, this year Louis Vuitton used the brand’s catwalk show and became popular in 2021 to promote the Twist bag. Global ambassador. In addition, the brand also invited Olympic champion Gu Ailing to shoot the Twist handbag advertising blockbuster, through its powerful and sporty image to make a better interpretation of the Twist handbag.

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