Louis Vuitton Twist handbag roll invasion rights lawsuit?

It is understood that the Louis Vuitton Twist handbag abused the “LV Tournant” lock designed by independent designer Jocelyne Imbert without authorization in 2017. The Paris Court of Appeal announced the latest results on March 13, requiring Louis Vuitton to compensate Jocelyne Imbert. 700,000 euros, and pay 133,000 euros after deducting taxes as stipulated in the contract signed by the two parties in 1992.

In the contract signed by the two parties in 1988, it was stipulated that if the “LV Tournant” lock was used in other handbag product lines, a one-time license fee of 76,000 euros should be paid to Jocelyne Imbert. However, Jocelyne Imbert found that Louis Vuitton has used the “LV Tournant” lock design on handbags and bracelets, shoes, belts and keychains since the early spring series in 2015, so in 2017, Louis Vuitton did not notify and pay for this. A lawsuit was initiated against the latter on the grounds of corresponding licensing fees.

Compared with the complex and numerous fashion intellectual property litigation, infringement cases related to handbag design are less common. Especially for Louis Vuitton, the industry leader who started the leather goods business, it is very rare for the core handbag style to be involved in lawsuits, and the problem of this infringement case lies in the most prominent design point of the handbag, which undoubtedly makes the market even more about this incident. focus on.

The Twist handbag is the handbag style that Louis Vuitton began to promote in 2014, inspired by the Trapeze handbag in 1988. The handbag has a simple and smooth shape with a metal “LV Tournant” lock, which is very futuristic and perfectly echoes the avant-garde and modern female image of the brand’s women’s creative director Nicolas Ghesquière.

What’s more, this highly innovative handbag shows the “L” and “V” letters in the brand Logo by twisting the V-shaped lock through the ingenious mechanism design, so once it was launched, it attracted stars and fans. Fashion editors’ craze. Denim-colored Epi leather and silver “LV Tournant” locks have become iconic styles for stars such as Miranda Kerr and Beyoncé.

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