The co-branded products of bts mcdonalds bag also include T-shirts and French fries.

The super-popular Korean boy group BTS is gaining global popularity. It was promoted to LOUIS VUITTON (Louis Vuitton) brand ambassador a while ago, making fans excited. Recently, they announced a cross-border cooperation with McDonald’s and launched a series of joint names. Commodities, as well as a new set menu “The BTS Meal” created with the members’ favorite meals, the meal packaging has also been replaced with the BTS’s representative color “purple”.

This is not the first time that McDonald’s has crossed the border. The super-realistic McNugget pillows and the “I’m love it” McDonald’s dining plate and other co-branded products previously launched together with rapper Travis Scott are still being sold online. , many netizens are looking forward to this cooperation with BTS!

McDonald’s first announced the cross-border cooperation on the official website by arranging the French fries into the BTS logo. In addition to McDonald’s classic “M-shaped” arches, the joint clothing and bag accessories can also see BTS’s signature logo, cute French fries. It is embellished on T-shirts, socks and bags. The most popular bathrobe in the series is the main visual of BTS’s representative color “purple”, which is very suitable for us who are now at home for epidemic prevention. In addition, the small bag in the shape of fries is also cute and broken. Table, let people choose obstacles, everything is really wanted!

In addition to co-branded apparel products, McDonald’s also brings a new set menu – “The BTS Meal” meal includes 10 pieces of chicken nuggets, medium potatoes, and a medium drink, which are matched according to the preferences of BTS members. McDonald’s has also developed new dipping sauces, Sweet Chili and Cajun Sauce, so there must be a bunch of new ways to eat them! Of course, the new package has to be matched with new packaging. It is also injected with BTS’s representative color “purple”. From the chicken nugget carton, drink cup, and even the paper bag, they have also been replaced with new clothes, and written “The BTS Meal”. The ARMYs have made many girls super excited, and the series is sold in the Weverse Shop.

The first wave of craze has not yet subsided, and the McDonald’s X BTS joint merchandise has ushered in the second bomb! The bulletproof signature popular single “BUTTER” is used as the main visual, and the eye-catching cream elements are injected into clothing, bags, accessories and other small items under the cute and childlike style, among which there are cartoon characters drawn by the members themselves, Q It looks like it can’t be done, it’s like a hole in the ARMYs’ wallets.

The love cream print that seems to be melting is running through the second wave of the series, making people choose obstacles instantly, including T-shirts, socks, fisherman hats, and hats. T-shirts can see colorful cream patterns. In addition, This wave of co-branding also brings a new contrasting color tote bag, McDonald’s iconic red and white color matching, so that the bag is still cute in a retro atmosphere, and continues the previous home style, bringing creamy French fries. , chicken nuggets, drink cup patterns, eye-catching printed pajama pants and slippers.

In this series, ARMYs must not miss it. Of course, the members hand-painted the illustration characters, cleverly using the BTS logo as the eyes, and the red ketchup that must be dipped in french fries as the mouth, combining into a cute one. Heart-warming cartoon characters, such as an ice cream cone with a heart with fingers, a strong Mr. French fries, and a burger man with cheese, all jumped into the peripheral series, and the second wave of peripheral goods has also been in the Weverse Shop On sale.

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