Adele’s LV/Louis Vuitton belt bag is low-key and tasteful!

Adele’s matching price is not cheap, with a simple one-word collar inside, one-word collar on the feet, sold out on the feet, sold out on the feet, and simple one-word collars on the feet Gianvitto Rossi’s lace-up sandals are not only comfortable, but also stretch the proportions of the long legs through the design, and how can you lose your handbag for the most intriguing single product!

Adele's LV/Louis Vuitton belt bag

This handbag comes from Louis Vuitton’s waist bag specially designed for girls. From a closer look, you can see that the entire handbag is embossed in Monogram. It is low-key and without loss of texture. The golden metal accessories are full of luxury as an element. From the color, all black with gold The style echoes the overall collocation. Picking from the color like this can definitely be used as the most error-prone practical skill in daily life.

Adele's LV/Louis Vuitton belt bag

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