GUCCI new package:GUCCI Padlock Series 2021 Chinese Valentine’s Day Limited

The GUCCI Padlock Series2021 Chinese Valentine’s Day limited series takes “Apple” as the protagonist, combining romantic love and apple patterns, and decorating the old canvas bag like a sticker.

GUCCI Padlock Series

The Padlock series adds a fresh pastel-toned leather flap to exude an innocent atmosphere.These 2 exclusive to China.The GUCCI Padlock shoulder bag is especially pretty. The water pink or sky blue smooth leather flap injects freshness into the bag.

The love apple pattern is “sticked” on the bag like a sticker, full of sweetness.

GUCCI Padlock Series

This Padlock handbag adds a retro style, made of classic GG presbyopic canvas to make a hard case.Embellished with metal box locks, white leather corners and bamboo handles, it can be used as an exclusive small bag to treasure love tokens~

GUCCI Padlock Series

Crescent bags, tote bags, backpacks and other unisex bags are all made of classic old canvas with white leather. The pink apple pattern is tiled with exquisite little hearts.It’s like a sticker that girls like to spill every detail of the bag, and you can smell the sweet fragrance of apple~

Love Apple is also decorated on accessories such as clutches, card holders, sports shoes and silk scarves, which can contract your romance and cuteness throughout the year.

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