Puma new combat shoes:Puma Fusion Nitro Spectra offers a new experience?

The Puma Fusion Nitro Spectra shoe we’re talking about today may be the strongest Puma shoe ever to return to the basketball market: the Puma Fusion Nitro Spectra.

Puma Fusion Nitro Spectra

I believe that we all know the characteristics of PUMA combat shoes: handsome and can play.

Either way, there’s no disputing the fact that, with the exception of last year’s highly acclaimed Clyde All Pro, Puma’s other combat shoes don’t have much to offer in terms of pure combat performance.

So the double PUMA FUSION NITRO SPECTRA is really what I’m looking forward to.

Puma Fusion Nitro Spectra

Let’s take a look at what fascinates me most: the NITRO FOAM cushioning material with a mid-bottom supercritical nitrogen foaming process.

Although not my favorite combination of ProFoam+ with inline PeBax, the NITRO FOAM is still pretty good.

When it comes to sneakers, it’s a common practice for brands to experiment with new technology in running shoes and, if the response works, move on to other shoe categories.

Puma Fusion Nitro Spectra

It goes without saying that the success of Puma Velocity Nitro allows Puma to safely place the NITRO FOAM technology on the double Puma Fusion Nitro Spectra.

Although we all know, even if it is the same technology, in different categories of products on the foot feeling will be different.But Nitro Foam really has higher expectations than the mediocre Profoam technology.

Like the Clyde All Pro, these shoes have the same outsole structure as the classic Kobe 9, which definitely makes me look forward to seeing them in action.The old Clyde All Pro used a piece of uppers technology that has set the lightest record in football shoes: Matryxevo.

Puma Fusion Nitro Spectra

The Puma Fusion Nitro Spectra upper also features a Fuzionfit + adaptive compression strap that is well known in the football shoe world.

The eye-catching rainbow on the shoe is FuzionFit + Adaptive Compressive Lash, whose pattern is inspired by the colorful spectrum of refracted light.The biggest apparent benefit of this technology is that it can be used to maximize the upper wrapping, especially on the instep.

In addition, the PUMA Fusion Nitro Spectra upper is an engineered knit upper with a large area of hot melt material, unlike the other PUMA combat shoes, which are made from a variety of stitched materials.

What is the area of hot melt material in this pair of shoes?Almost the entire vamp is wrapped in hot melt material.The friction strips on the shoes also add layers to the look.

Puma Fusion Nitro Spectra

Outsole, front palm on both sides of the force point used in the water ripple lines, the heel is based on transverse lines.And the outsole material should still be high adhesive rubber, wear-resisting general, but the indoor grip is very good.

Overall, the styling of the shoes isn’t that eye-catching, but the actual configuration is really interesting.

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