Rarone Rover Series 8860439 is an excellent Chinese mechanical watch

In the Chinese mechanical watch category, ranking the top three Rarone watch is particularly eye-catching, roaming series 8860439 is one of the hot style.Table design inspiration is from the spiritual inheritance of interstellar exploration, using the RARONE table high-end watchmaking process, to create a mysterious, tough, cool watch, attracting the attention of many men.

Man you series 8860439 uses a dial structure with a sense of abstraction, the use of multi-level structure, rich disc shape, laser hollow-out cutting metal, for the dial to create a richer sense of three-dimensional and hierarchical sense, titanium color embellishment also makes the dial has a higher degree of discrimination.

Rarone Rover Series 8860439 is an excellent Chinese mechanical watch

High quality mechanical watches in addition to the design of unique and exquisite, while reading the function of the provision of excellence.The Rarone Series 8860439 provides a three-dimensional reading experience. The six-digit small watch hand rotates once every 24 hours, with the tip closely following the dial on the inner ring. The minute hand and second hand can be read directly on the outer ring, which enhances the readability of this watch.Flying back pointer indicates energy, 12 characters 40 hours of power storage display, the pointer reached the end no longer continue to move forward, immediately back to the starting point, constantly rotating into a reciprocating motion, three-dimensional easy to read while the power margin at a glance.

As a mechanical watch with interstellar roam as the main tone, the overall watch of 8860439 series is more avant-garde and scientific. The integrated watch chain is matched with geometric modeling elements, with satin polishing and polishing, and the details are done in place, which can instantly perceive the style of big brands.

Rarone Rover Series 8860439 is an excellent Chinese mechanical watch

By incorporating elements of interstellar exploration into the hollowed-out mechanical watch design architecture, Rarone demonstrates a more high-end creative watchmaking technique with the Rover 8860439.On the key parameters, the rover series 8860439 USES is imported mechanical machine, watchcase, strap, the bottom cover adopt 316 l steel is qualitative, the mirror is scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass table mirror, dial diameter 44.3 mm, 50 meters waterproof, comprehensive performance is more strong, can be more men interpreta dream space exploration of the selected item.

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