RICHARD MILLE Diving Watch :RM 028,RM 60-01,RM 63-02

Richard Mille has been involved with the event since its inception in 2010.In 2010, the release of the RM 028 Les Voiles de St Barth, which marked the start of the sailing race, was limited to 100 timepieces and became the first timepiece to be released.In addition to the special version of the RM 028, the regular version of the RM 028 is also popular with divers.The RM 028 has a similar round case to its predecessor, the RM 025, with a slightly smaller diameter of 47mm. With an extraordinary case and hollow movement, the RM 028 has all the undoubted qualities that have always been characteristic of Richard Mille watches.


Its 300 meters (30 atmospheric pressure) waterproof performance in line with the ISO6425 diving table standard, coupled with a unidirectional outer ring, makes the RM 028 circular case line looks simple, but in fact contains a lot of technical secrets.The three-piece case construction and torque screws are used to achieve such excellent water resistance and fully integrate the lug into the case system.The bezel’s unidirectional rotation is designed to prevent calculation errors while diving. The bezel consists of three parts and is assembled with 22 torque screws to prevent accidental loosening from the case.

Subsequently, the batons from the 2015 and 2017 opening races were handed over to the RM 60-01 Regatta, which was limited to 50 pieces.This year, Richard Mille is determined to get in the boat with the San Barto Regatta, introducing the RM 60-01 Les Voiles de St Barth automatic chain back chronograph with a limited number of 80, and will donate one to fund local development on the island of San Barto.The RM 60-01 is driven by the RMAC2 automatic winding movement and has about 55 hours of power storage.Fly back chronograph function, 12 o ‘clock position of the large date window and month display, making the watch is bound to become a loyal partner.A 60 minute countdown timer at 9 o ‘clock and a 24 hour accumulator at 6 o ‘clock add to the nautical quality.


The main feature of this watch is that the northern and southern regions can be located simultaneously without any extra calculation.The Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) pointer always points to the position of the sun.At the same time, for the first time, the rotating bezel made from Carbon TPT® Carbon fiber allows the Universal Time pointer to indicate the local time on the bezel by setting the appropriate scale.The compass’s north-south, east-west direction automatically adjusts to the ship’s actual course on the earth’s surface.The RM 60-01 stands out among the many “yacht racing” wristwatches for its ability to adapt to any location on the ocean.

In response to the flying theme colors of the regatta, the turquoise upper flanges of the RM 60-01 Les Voiles de St Barth automatic chain fly back chronograph are stunning.The logo of Richard Mille, Les Voiles DE St Barth Richard Mille, is also printed on the sapphire crystal base.This is the true “Seven Seas Watch.”

When it comes to the universal time function of the RM 60-01 wrist watch, we have to mention the RM 63-02 wrist watch.Richard Mille developed the CRMA4 movement to drive the RM 63-02.The movement is mounted on the plasma treated five-stage titanium alloy bottom plate, and the bridge plate is also made of the same material.The sculptural upper bridge, made of nickel and silver, has been rhodium-plated, polished and rounded, so you can see the minute-hand gear and the movement of the world’s time module through the hollow part.The RM 63-02 movement has a large date display at 12 o ‘clock, which is achieved through two hollow discs. It also comes with a function selector that switches between the on-chain (W), time setting (H) and neutral (N) functions with a single click.

When you arrive at a new city, simply rotate the name of the city to the exact 12 o ‘clock position to automatically indicate the time for the other 23 cities via a 24-hour scale on the inner ring of the case.The blue and white discs clearly show the time of day and night and automatically show diurnal changes over time.The case is also made of five levels of titanium alloy, through the vertical fog surface polishing treatment and polishing decoration.The bidirectional rotating bezel is directly embedded in the center of the movement to ensure the waterproof depth of the case of 30 meters.

In Richard Mille’s world of wristwatches, if you want to dive, an RM 028 makes a good diving partner;To sail, you can choose RM 60-01 to ride the wind and waves together;For a boat trip, the Universal Time feature RM 63-02 easily and simply presents different areas of time.

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