Chloé has a new “Bohemian” luxury bag on sale

Last month, luxury brands launched their pre-spring 2022 collections, including Chloé.As the first resort collection by new creative director Gabriela Hearst, the launch was highly anticipated.

Chloé has a new "Bohemian" luxury bag on sale

Because the ready-to-wear design is dominated by denim and earthy colors, the design of the new bag also incorporates elements such as weaving, tassels and hollowing, fully showing the brand’s unique Bohemian style.Based on the concept of environmental protection of the design director, the material selection of the new bag is also carried out with environmental protection.

This series among the highest rate of appearance is this trapezoidal bag, bag using double-sided presentation, in the mouth of the bag is decorated with metal nameplates, engraved with the brand logo.The overall shape of the bag is flat, without too much decoration on the surface.The most prominent twist leather handle adds a handmade feel to the bag.

Chloé has a new "Bohemian" luxury bag on sale

Chloé Classics is back with a new Edith bag, which adopts a classic postman style and a bold white car line outline.Or with environmental protection fabric color strip weaving package body, scattered thread head like nomadic free and unrestrained.

To cater to the early spring season, the popular tote bags use hollowing and embroidery.Hollow cutting and embroidery with floral elements, coupled with a wavy design, full of romantic pastoral style.Colorful striped cloth bags embellish natural sagging tassels to create a Bohemian atmosphere.

As the new director of the first holiday collection exhibition, the brand’s design style is still unique “Bohemian” wind.Classic bag style and bright eye design, let Chloé bag on the new attention.

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