Swiss Emile Chouriet& Lemmon series moon phase watch use a unique permeable design

When we are at war with the world, the wristwatch is your elegant and calm weapon.Choose a good watch, more can show their temperament and taste, set elegant and noble in one of the Swiss Emile Chouriet& Lemmon series moon phase watches is the only choice.

Emile Chouriet& Lemmon Series is inspired by Lake Lemmon in Geneva. Lake Lemmon is a pearl in Europe. The blue water of Lake Lemmon reflects the Alps, giving rise to charming urban scenery and humanistic temperament.Staring at the boundless lake, you can feel the relaxed freehand style and natural and unrestrained.STYLIST OF BRAND OF AMILONG will this carefree change wrist watch inspiration, in contracted design, can experience life emotional appeal namely.While the Emile Dragon Lemmon series moon phase watch enamel white dial simple atmosphere, six o ‘clock position is equipped with the moon phase function, give the gentleman a unique mysterious temperament, the star moon in the blue glow more noble style.

After the delicate process of the round case, the light flow between the line texture has been fully displayed.The moon series has a more colorful dial than its predecessors, either in black silver or gold and silver, and the lake blue hands ripple gently like ripples on the water.The golden stars and the moon dissolved in the dark blue night sky, and they reflected each other, as if the moon reflected in water, gazing at the dial as if gazing at the lake, not only makes people think of the quiet Geneva Lake Lemont.

The high demand for Swiss watchmaking skills and the high pursuit of contemporary artistic beauty are the intrinsic driving force for the continuous innovation of Swiss AMLON watches.Amy dragon series phases of the moon watches by the number of rich lemone QuRun line definitions and elegant beauty, the aesthetic feeling of shell mold lines appear round smooth, crown carved Amy dragon brand identity, stainless steel bezel after polishing craft exquisite texture, continuation of “time airfoil design elements,” clever exquisite aesthetic interpretation to detail, and create the experience of natural and comfortable wearing.

In addition, the Emile Lemons series moon phase watch adopts a unique design through the bottom. The exquisite charm of the movement wheel can be seen under the sapphire glass bottom cover, meshing transmission gears, levers of various shapes, springs, finely polished plywood and screws, as well as the rapid rotation of the balance wheel hairspring, the shaking of the automatic tube……Together, they work with each other to convey the enduring beauty of tiny, precise machinery, marveling at the wisdom and superhuman making ability of the watchmakers at Amyron.

In the world of watchmaking in Geneva, watchmakers often work together to develop excellent timepieces, each with a high level of expertise.It is precisely because of their efforts, the flow of Swiss “blood” Emmilon can continue to break the limit, in a small inch between the wrist to present a beautiful picture scroll, show the low-key elegant gentleman temperament between hands.

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