What watches does Giorgio Armani like to wear?

The legendary Italian designer Giorgio Armani, who has worked in the fashion industry for more than 40 years, epitomises the masculine Italian man’s dainty suit, which removes the rigid structure of the suit jacket to create a fluid, form-fitting “Armani style”, and always believes in the beauty of simplicity without overdoing it.To be destined to be eternal.

He also follows the timeless classic style in choosing his watch.

From the Rolex Bubbleback he has worn since the early 1980s to the Patek Philippe (PP) he has worn in public more recently, it’s easy to see the timeless values he seeks.

From the Rolex Bubbleback, worn since the early 1980s, to the Patek Philippe portrait taken by Andy Warhol in the 1980s when Armani was wearing a Rolex Bubbleback wristwatch, which he recently wore in public.

Giorgio Armani, at the end of his autumn/winter 2019 high-order show, chose to wear the discontinued PP model 5940R-001 Rose Golden Year Calendar, which is priced at around 530,000 yuan.

When Giorgio Armani went to New York in 2019 to attend a brand event, he paired his signature dark T-shirt with F.P. Journe’s Chronometre Bleu tantalum hand-cupped watch, which also cost 350,000 yuan.

What watches does Giorgio Armani like to wear?

Can see giorgio armani extremely importance to the value of the watch and represents wealth, he was in the British edition of GQ magazine interview, watch is one of the men a few accessories that can be used, so it’s really important to “choose the table”, table namely identity – “I have a lot of like table, but I love most is a thin antique PP,I think the watch looks good outside the shirt cuff of [former FIA president] Gianni Angelli. It becomes a kind of personal signature, but because it is his signature, I don’t like to see others copy it.”

The Patek Philippe mentioned by Giorgio Armani should be the model 1415HU world timezone watch commonly seen in the president Angelli’s wrist. Interestingly, Armani also chose to wear a PP model 5110r-001 wristwatch with the function of world timezone when he was interviewed by American Vogue magazine recently.Once again confirmed his love for such designs.The rose gold watch, a similar model, recently fetched about 150,000 yuan at Christie’s auction.

In addition to the hidden watch, Armani has also moved into the high-end watch field of ambition, more at the end of 2020 announced that he will cooperate with Swiss watch brand Parmigiani (Parma Janni), the debut is expected to be released in November this year, is also very anticipated.

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