Fendi Tote Bag — the perfect combination of retro and practical!

One of Fendi’s best known bags is the baguette, and in recent years it has made a retro splash, making underarm bags trendy. In response, Fendi has also introduced presbyteria underarm bags.But many people joke about the limited capacity of the baguette bag, so this is Fendi to satisfy people’s demand for capacity.Fendi’s new tote bag is the perfect choice for a commuter bag or a mommy bag.

Compared with previous handbags, the new leather tote bag features a gradient dyed design, a hot stamp “Fendi Roma”, and a high recognition and simple design.The capacity of this leather shopping bag is needless to say, it can be packed very easily, the size of things is random, in the same leather shopping bag, its weight is relatively light, reducing your burden.The details of the handle are also very beautiful, with metal clasp between the plexiglass handle and the leather.

The new large comes in two shades of brown and grey, with the brown offering a retro feel and the grey being modernist.Medium is a very energetic orange color.In addition to a portable, if you want a shoulder back, you can choose canvas, which is also medium, but will match the removable canvas shoulder straps.

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