Bottega Veneta which BV bag is suitable for boys?

The Bottega Veneta bag stole The show these years, especially The Cloud bag. Of course, these are very soft bags, with delicate leather. In fact, BV also has a bag for both men and women, The Arco, which boys can choose in large size for fashion and utility.

Bottega Veneta  BV bag

The appearance of the ARCO 33 has two options: one is calfskin with a rough textured surface.The other is a smooth calfskin, both of which use suede to add extra charm to the bag and are also attached to a zipper compartment.Has a rough surface design, so it can be added slender holes, increase product characteristics;Another sleek top lattice design is like the woven elements of the past, a nod to the brand’s classic.

The ARCO 48 features the same as the 33, with a hole in the lid above the bag for the hand to wear it, and only two of the ARCO handbag lines have a hole.The black and white of the ARCO 48 uses a grainy calfskin, which gives the 48 a variety of options and a more mature look.

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