How about Gucci Diana Bamboo Bag?

In the second half of the new bag of big brands, I am quite optimistic about Gucci. Speaking of the old experts who re-engrated the classic, Gucci must be on the list.From 1955 to Jackie1961, they have been re-branded as Gucci Diana’s bamboo bag, a favourite of Princess Diana’s.

Gucci Diana Bamboo Bag

I’ve been seeing this bag on social media lately, and it seems that Gucci is also pushing this bag in the second half of the year. Many female celebrities are wearing this bag.

Unlike the slubby bag Princess Diana used to carry in the 1990s, the new bag retains the classic slubby element, but features a double-G logo in a prominent position to make it more recognizable.

What is worth mentioning is that this new design, Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci, specially added a fluorescent buckle at the bamboo handle, which gives a sense of both visual sense of collision between trendy and retro.

But some people say that the buckle looks a little bit inappropriate, so they want to take it off, um…It can also be disassembled separately.

Gucci Diana Bamboo Bag comes in three sizes, medium, small and mini, with mini and small recommended for everyday use.

Gucci Diana Bamboo Bag
Gucci Diana Bamboo Bag

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